Dear Fellow Members,

It is truly an honour and privilege to be elected as President of BPGC and to give back to the game and the club we all truly love. I would like to thank all members who took part in the election process and installed a committee of their choice. I take this opportunity to thank the Returning Officer and all the staff who helped in the conduct of a very orderly and fair election.

We do face great challenges. We are under financial pressure. We struggle to do more with less.

If we are able to protect those who work for us we will be able to do all that is expected of us.

We need to face some brutal facts, look them straight in the eye. However we must also have faith – in ourselves, in each other, that we will prevail.

Now it is time for the committee to get down to business and deliver on promises made.

Some of the objectives we have set for ourselves are...
* Clean, clear and precise financial statements and budgetary processes.
* Maintaining the Quality of the course and improving facilities. Be a club that provides a great place for recreation, fun and camaraderie.
* Provide our management team with the support to build the club business with guidance from the board on policy.
* Create a medium to interact with members and make it easy for members to give suggestions for improvement.
* Provide a pleasurable golfing experience for all. More so for the morning golfers and seniors who are feeling neglected.

We look forward to your help and support to help us achieve our stated objectives.

On behalf of my committee, the C.E.O and his staff we wish you all a great golfing season ahead.

Form new friendships because that’s what golf is all about.


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Dr. Choitram Gidwani Road,
Chembur, Bombay 400074

The BPGC is the most prestigious golf club in Mumbai & in 2009 underwent extensive redesign & modifications to the course. It’s a very demanding course & has a large member community that is largely focused on golf.